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Do you have a horse that you need to sell?

Do you have a horse that you need to sell?  Mane Imports has a successful track record of selling horses.  The last two horses sold in 2 days and 2 weeks respectively.  If you have any questions about our consignment or marketing options please feel free to contact us any time at 303-809-6997 or


Rev sold in 2 weeks! Thanks Rocky!

Are you ready for your dream horse to earn your bronze medal?  Here is a 12 year old warmblood that is one of my favorite horse that I have come through the barn.  He is a 12 year old warmblood that has super potential.  He is safe, sound, beautiful, and has so much more potential.  He is so easy to sit and to be around.  He has no vices.  He is perfect for the rider that would like to move up the levels!  He has only been in profesional training for two weeks.  Adult Amateur owner must sell because of growing family.    I give this horse my highest recommendation.  He is 16.2 hands and just the perfect size. He goes just as easy in the snaffle.  Perfect home a must!  Please contact us at 303-809-6997 or for more information.


Sold to his Previous Owner! Congratulations Wendy!

Are you looking for a horse that is bomb proof  schoolmaster to get you through the levels?  He would be perfect for someone who is starting out and wants to learn training – second level.  He would even be able to do some third level, with some more training.  He is a 14 year old swedish gelding that is looking for his next home. He is 16.2 hands and has three nice gaits.  He was owned by a junior rider and needs to get in shape.  He is currently in training with a professional.  He  is priced at 14,900.  Please contact us at or 303-809-6997 for more info!


Sold To Susan! 11 Year Old Confirmed Second – Third Level Hanoverian Gelding!

Hi Yaz,  Westin is doing great!  I am so happy with him.  I am quickly getting used to his size.  Everyone at the stable likes him, he is so friendly and beautiful.  The stable gal has to move him to another stall to clean his stall, not because he’s naughty, but because he follows her around and gets in the way.  The first time my trainer, Lesley, rode him she hollered up to her sister who works at the barn “Watch this!” and proceeded to do an extended trot on him.  To put this in context, Lesley is not easily impressed nor very demonstrative.  I rode him for the second time yesterday and am already trusting him, he is such a good boy and so fun to ride.  There is a Klaus Bergren 2 day clinic at our stable end of Sept that I will ride him in. He truly is my dream horse and I thank you for helping me get him.  Please tell Lisa and Shannon he is loved and doing fine.  Susan

This beautiful 11 year old Hanoverian gelding is for sale. He is the most comfortable horse I have ever sat on! He is sold 2nd level with scores as high as 70%. He is confirmed third with a trainer. He is a perfect JR/YR horse or a AA horse. He is about 17+ hands but is super easy to ride. Please contact us at or 303-809-6997 for more info on this beautiful horse


Finess 5 year old Fürst Piccolo and a 7 Year old Fürstin Fuerst Piccalo For Sale!

This video is a bit long but the first horse is Finess. She is a 5 year old Westfalen mare that is Fuerst Piccolo. She has been shown training and second level and has won both classes. The second part of the video is her sister that is a 7 year old Fuerst Piccalo. She has won many, many shows at 3rd level and is extremely simple to ride. These mares are direct through the breeder! Please contact us at 303-809-6997 or —x-rays available!


Lucy Mane Imports!

CONGRATS!  TO ALLISON DECHANT’S CLIENT ON THIS AMAZING HORSE!  SOLD TO COLORADO!Lucy is an amazing 6 year old that is confirmed 3rd level. She will go FEI and will go Grand Prix! Lucy is located in Germany and is only for sale to the right showing home. Please contact for more info.


3 Year old Fuerst Heinrich Mare!

This is a 3 year old Fuerst Heinrich mare for sale. Please contact us at or 303-809-6997 for more information.


3 Year old Riccio Gelding For Sale

This is a lovely young dressage prospect. This is a 3 year old Riccio Gelding. Please contact for more or 303-809-6997 for more info. Check us out at


4 Year old Jazz Rubin Mare

This is a 4 year old Jazz Rubin mare for sale. Please contact us at or 303-809-6997 for more information.


Congratulations! Dr. Cesar Parra

Mane Imports wants to Congratulate Dr. Cesar Parra on their purchase of the Stallion Flovino (Fidermark). We wish both of them many successes!

From : Dr. Cesar Parra

Thank you so much for this top Stallion!