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R. Magdalene Canyon, Skin Care Professional/Beauty Unbridle

“Jasmin “Yaz” Becker is an exceptional classical dressage trainer, whose brilliance in training my horse and me is impeccable. Yaz is masterful and seriously skilled in teaching the detailed nuances of refined dressage with finesse. She “kicks my butt” when needed, like a true professional athletic trainer, and continues to move me to the next level as I’m ready. Yaz is gracious and genuinely sensitive in her support of me and my horse and our joint training progress. I am blessed and grateful to have Jasmin as my trainer. She’s simply the best there is in Colorado!”

From Rocky First Year Student

Damn!  I was hoping this was to be an easier ride.  My thoroughbred is all nerves, not listening, and spooked at “F” for no apparent reason.

Calm down, breathe slowly and put into action Jasmin’s “Training Scale” (Rhythm, suppleness, and contact) will help this situation.  Rhythm is first to consider.  Is the horse working in the correct beat of the gait.  What is my horse marching forward in the walk, does my horse have at nice clear two beat rhythm at the trot with a steady tempo, is my canter in a 3 beat rhythm.   I hear Jasmin’s (Yaz’s) voice in my head “forcus on the rhythm and tempo – one two, one two for trot.”  ” Half- halt to maintain a clear tempo.”

As my horse Byrnes achieves the rhythm and the correct tempo, then I begin to supple my horse.  He is somewhat hollow on the left and rigid on his right, so I work with Yaz to supple the right side.  We work on leg yields to soften that side.

Being patient and often breaking down the ride with a proven methodology  the “Training Scale,” Byrnes becomes attentive, supple, and I begin to regain a nice constant contact.  Now this is a better ride.  Thank you Jasmin –Best regards, Rocky