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Sold To Susan! 11 Year Old Confirmed Second – Third Level Hanoverian Gelding!

Hi Yaz,  Westin is doing great!  I am so happy with him.  I am quickly getting used to his size.  Everyone at the stable likes him, he is so friendly and beautiful.  The stable gal has to move him to another stall to clean his stall, not because he’s naughty, but because he follows her around and gets in the way.  The first time my trainer, Lesley, rode him she hollered up to her sister who works at the barn “Watch this!” and proceeded to do an extended trot on him.  To put this in context, Lesley is not easily impressed nor very demonstrative.  I rode him for the second time yesterday and am already trusting him, he is such a good boy and so fun to ride.  There is a Klaus Bergren 2 day clinic at our stable end of Sept that I will ride him in. He truly is my dream horse and I thank you for helping me get him.  Please tell Lisa and Shannon he is loved and doing fine.  Susan

This beautiful 11 year old Hanoverian gelding is for sale. He is the most comfortable horse I have ever sat on! He is sold 2nd level with scores as high as 70%. He is confirmed third with a trainer. He is a perfect JR/YR horse or a AA horse. He is about 17+ hands but is super easy to ride. Please contact us at info@maneimports.com or 303-809-6997 for more info on this beautiful horse


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