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Horse Purchasing Services
Helpful Guidelines for Selection a European Horse

Horse Purchasing Services

Good reasons to center your search for your new horse in Germany and Holland:

In as little as 3 to 5 days you can see and try 15 to 20 superbly qualified horses that meet your personal criteria. If this same trip were around the time of one of the world famous German Auctions you could see close to 150 horses! The European equestrian culture provides breeding and training that produces exceptional warmbloods that are famous for their incredible athletic capabilities. Whether you are looking for a flashy dressage prospect with FEI potential or for a schoolmaster, your next Grand Prix Jumper possessing good scope and auto changes, or a Hunter prospect gifted with perfect conformation and form over fences, Mane Imports has the experience and resources to find the best horses with the best price.

Good reasons to travel with Mane Imports to facilitate your search:

Professional guidance. Our company president, Jasmin Becker, an experienced trainer and competitor, licensed in Germany with the FN, personally accompanies you on your trip. There are no language barriers as Jasmin is mostly fluent in German. Jasmin can provide you with her impression of each mount you consider and help you evaluate the best candidates to assist in selecting your new partner.

** Direct sources in Germany. Our team procures the best sale horses in the breeding and training industry. We eliminate the middle men and you will deal directly with the seller.

Travel Planning Services. We make the arrangements, including flight coordination, hotel accommodations, ground transportation and coordination of all meetings to view and try prospective horses.

Transaction Assistance. Under the terms of our broker contract, when you have selected a horse we will assist with the negotiation of the price and the purchase contract. Our focus will be in your best interest throughout the transaction process.

Veterinary, Shipping and Quarantine Coordination. We will arrange for the required health certificates and blood samples that are required by US law. Transportation of your new horse to the airport, flight arrangements, quarantine paperwork and coordination and transportation to the horses’ final destination are all details that we can coordinate for you

Customer Service and Support. Mane Imports, goal is to provide an experience that guarantees your satisfaction, to that end we will make every effort to earn your business. Our relationship will not end with your purchase. We will be available to provide you with assistance at home here in the US. Feel free to contact us about training and clinic opportunities, your equipment and tack needs, future travel planning or to just let us know how you and your new horse are doing! We enjoy hearing from you!

Visit our FAQ’s Section to familiarize you self with the import process. Many commonly asked questions are answered here.

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Helpful Guidelines for Selecting a European horse

Provide us with your own list of requirements. The more we know about your personal criteria, the better we can assist you in your search for the appropriate horse!

• Age

• Show experience

• Quality and Talent

• Character and Ride-ability

Allow us to search for qualified mounts for you to select from. We provide you with pictures, video’s and detailed descriptions of each prospect that meets your personal criteria. Availability changes quickly and we will update you daily on prospects that meet your requirements.

When establishing your budget, keep in mind that aspects such as age and training can affect the price of the horse. For example, horses that 5 years old and/or 12 years old and older are usually less expensive. Horses that are between the ages of 6- 10 are usually more expensive. It may make sense to send a horse for short-term training to perfect flying changes than to pay for a horse that is already confirmed at that level. We are happy to discuss these and other strategies to assist in realizing your purchase goals. We have contacts in Germany that could offer training for your new horse.

Preparing yourself for your trip is important so that you can focus on the horses.

View all videos and let us know the horse that you wish to see and ride at least one week prior to departure. Some clients utilize their trainers during this process and some have their trainer accompany them on the trip to assist in the selection.

Prepare questions that you would like to ask regarding each horse you try.

Familiarize yourself with the purchase and import process. See our FAQ section for most asked Q&A’s

Prepare for the transaction by confirming availability of funds, arranging for insurance coverage, and arranging for communication with your veterinarian and trainer if necessary.

Bring your riding helmet, boots, riding cloths, camera, video camera and other necessities.

Riding and Comparing Prospective Horses will fill your days. We recommend taking notes and upon review and discussion determine each day which horses you will consider further. This elimination process allows the final candidates to be re-ridden for comparison on your last day(s).

Final selection and transaction, vet, shipping, quarantine and other transportation needs will need to be coordinated. Mane Imports will assist you with all of these details.

Visit our FAQ’s Section to familiarize you self with the import process. Many commonly asked questions are answered here.

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FAQ Section – Most Questions are Answered Here

Q: How do I coordinate a Vet Exam?

When you have decided on a horse Mane Imports will take care of coordinating the vet exam, based on your needs and requirements. A standard pre-purchase exam includes a clinical and 20 radiographs, as well as radiographs of the back. If your own vet requires extra X-rays to be taken, we will have to know the exact list before the vetting takes place. If a horse does not pass the clinical, a vet will not continue with the X-rays to save money. In most cases, Jasmin Becker can be on site to make sure the right radiographs are taken and that results are sent to your vet in the United States. Our vets in Europe can send a set of radiographs, via email, that can be on your Vets desk by the morning for their evaluation. Often times Jasmin can negotiate with the seller of the horse to have a set of radiographs already available or have the Owners pay for the vet exam, if the horse does not pass an exam. This negotiation can save Jasmin’s clients thousands of dollars in vet fees.

Q: How long does it take for a horse to get to my barn from Europe?

A: When you choose a horse it will take several days (3-5 days) for the payment to arrive in Germany or Holland. Once the balance is paid, a gelding can fly within 1 to 2 weeks depending on the destination, a mare within 10 days- 3 weeks. Once in the US the horse has to spend 3 days in quarantine and a mare an additional 2 weeks. Stallions must stay up to 30 days in quarantine.

Q: What does transportation cost?

A: Transportation roughly costs $ 8,500 – $10,000,- Amsterdam to LAX including the 3 day quarantine. This price is dependent on fluxuations of the Euro. Bloodwork and health certificates are needed this is about $250 – $500. Finally, you will have to transport the horse to your own barn.

Q: What’s up with quarantine?

A: All horses have to spend 3 days in quarantine at the airport as soon as they arrive in the US. Mares are then transferred to a special quarantine station where they’ll stay for 2 weeks and new blood tests are done. For Canada the rules are more strict. Stallions also have to stay longer in quarantine.

Q: What does a trip cost?

A: Flights from The East Coast start around $350 in the low season but can be as high as $1200 in the high season. We will have someone waiting for you at the airport and she/he will be showing you the different horses in 2-3 days. You will stay in a nice hotel somewhere in the middle of the country. Price is up to you. Anywhere from 75 -150 $/night is normal. We advise you to rent a car, a small car is about $50 a day.

A total for 3 nights/days starts around $1000 from NY, (depending on the available flights) and around $1200 from anywhere else in the US. Excluding food/drinks. Of course it is possible to extend your stay and do some sight seeing. Jasmin would be happy to take you to tourist hot spots!

Q: How should I prepare for a trip?

A: There are several levels of preparation: 1) make sure you know what kind of horse you are looking for, 2) make a list of what to bring (Video Camera and helmet), and maybe a list of questions for the owner of the horse you liked best; 3) prepare for a purchase: do I involve my own vet? are my funds available? Insurance? Is my trainer to see some video’s?

Q: What is the price difference between the US and Europe?

A: The Euro is in constant flux against the dollar. Please contact Mane Imports for the current exchange. Even with the Euro in flux against the dollar you get more bang for your buck! In one short trip, you will see up to 20 horses (150 if around an auction) that meet your requirements in as little as three days, whereas in the US you would have to travel again and again covering very long distances to see a single horse. We do our trips to Germany and Holland, where there are a lot of well trained quality horses. Within a very small travel radius one can see a variety of qualified horses that meets the buyers requirements.

Q: Does it justify the trip?

A: Yes! You get to see and try up to 20 horses (150 horses) that meet your requirements in only 3 days. Even with importation from Germany are usually better trained and bred than in the United States.

Q: How about hunter and equitation horses in Europe?

A: Although officially there are no hunter or equitation classes in Europe, we do work with professionals who know exactly how to spot a good hunter or equitation horse. Among the many Dutch and German jumping and all round horses, there are many with the perfect hunter form over fences or the looks and gaits of an equitation horse.

Q: What dressage levels do they use in Germany?

A: The levels can be translated as follows:

Novice 1st = L 2nd = L 3rd = M 4th = M FEI levels are the same or S level.

Q: Any resale horses you’ve already imported?

A: Yes, we are regularly importing well trained dressage horses to the US. For more information about available horses visit their website at www.maneimports.com or call 303 809 6997.

Q: What is the best time to shop for a horse?

A: Any time that is good for you! As soon as you are ready for this big step and investment, the horses are waiting across the Atlantic. Horses do compete year round in Germany and Holland. The earlier you book your flight, the cheaper the airfares. For young horses, up to 4 years of age the late fall is best as the breeders’ stalls get overcrowded for winter.

Q: How often do you make these trips?

A: We can make a trip whenever is good for you. We will have someone waiting for you in Germany or Holland to take you around the barns. We usually schedule trips every other weekend.

Q: How long do I have to go to Europe to find a horse?

A: we usually recommend a short trip of 3-4 days. As we make a selection with you before you go, you will only get to see horses that are within your budget and do meet (most of) your requirements.

Q: When do I have to decide on a horse?

A: You will have some time to think everything over. If you want your trainer to see the video’s you took, make the appointment in advance! When you have made your decision we hold the horse for you until the downpayment has arrived.

Q: Do I involve my own trainer?

A: Yes, we do advise to involve your own trainer. To which degree is up to you. For most people setting requirements, showing the video’s and discussing preferences is enough. Some people even bring their trainer on a trip to help choose a horse.

Q: How can I reduce the costs?

A: To reduce the cost of your trip you should plan ahead, the airfare will be less expensive if purchased ahead. To reduce the price for a horse you can think about reconsidering some of your strict requirements. All horses between 6 and 10 are more expensive than younger or older horses. Also think about the training level: It is often less expensive to send a horse to a trainer for a month to work on the flying changes, than to buy a horse that is confirmed 4th level. So either go with a little bit older or a little bit less experienced!

Q: Do I have to sign any contracts or agreements?

A: Yes. Whoever gets on a horse during a trip will have to sign a waiver. If you decide on a horse we require a signed broker contract. We do advise to you to sign a purchase agreement with the seller of the horse.

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