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Jasmin Becker Accepting New Students at Wyvern Farm in Martinez

Jasmin Becker is currently accepting new clients at Wyvern Farm in Martinez, California. Jasmin has been an active multi-discipline equestrian competitor since she was six years old. With an education in Environmental Biology, Jasmin trained extensively in Germany and rode in international competitions, receiving her German Trainer License in Dressage in 2006.

Her equestrian-consulting company, Mane Imports, facilitates the sale of top-level horses to clients in North America, Europe, and Japan. Having recently re-located to the North Bay Area, Jasmin is an enthusiastic trainer who enjoys teaching all levels of riders from Training Level to Grand Prix and will offer her skills and experience to Dressage students at Wyvern Farm. Please contact Jasmin Becker 303-809-6997 or info@maneimports for more information.

Wyvern Farm Amenities include:
Lighted indoor arena with premium footing
Full size outdoor dressage court with premium footing
Stalls, paddocks and pastures
Round pen
Wash racks with hot and cold water

The Arena Barn features four 12’x18′ stalls, one 12’x 24′ stall and two 12’x12′ stalls. These stalls are enclosed, with barred half walls for separation. Each stabling area has its own tack room, feed room and groom stall to maximize convenience for the riders.

Four large paddock areas with shelters and two one acre pastures with shelters are designed for horses needing more room to roam.


Westfalen Mare Dressage Mare for Sale

Birka is a 2005 Wesfalen Mare.  Her sire is Helanis and the mothers sire is Vilnius xx.  She is light in the bridle, easy to sit, and sensitive to the leg.  She is only 15.3 hands and is a perfect ladies horse.  She is definatly a horse for the future. Please contact info@maneimports.com or 303-809-6997 for more information about this super mare! Current x-rays and flexions available. Asking price is 22,000 euro without import.


New Video of De Libris and my Training with Nick

Hi Everyone,

Below you will find video of my horse De Libris (DL) and my training with Nick.  This video is not edited and is not meant to be edited. It is solely meant to be a training video.  De Libris is a horse that is blocked on the left side and does not want to go through evenly to the right bit.  We are working on supplying him on both sides and accepting the bit with even contact.  Unless we have even contact he can not come honestly through over his back to the bit.  Therefore, all the movements will not be truly coming from behind to the bit.  We are also working on collection.  He is a horse that does not believe he can sit down and elevate in front.  We are working on collecting him and pushing him each day.  He has a super work ethic but he was truly tired during this video.

Remember this is only 2 1/2 weeks into training.  We are getting him used to the program of going forward into even contact and a bit of collection at the canter.  In another week and a half we will be pushing the collection even more, but it has to go incremental.  We will also be working on putting more cadence into the trot.   I will hopefully have more video up soon! Enjoy!