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Utilizing the Training Scale to Improve your Riding! Clinic December 3, 2011 Loving Grove Farm

This clinic will focus on Training Scale and how this simple scale can significantly improve your riding.  Jasmin Becker will start by offering a lecture on the Training Scale and a definition of each of its levels.  We will then discuss how it relates to the rider and the horse under saddle.  After the theory portion of clinic, Jasmin will demonstrate each level of the scale on her FEI horse.   A question and answer session, as well as a lunch break will follow.

The second half of the clinic will be individual lessons that will be offered to riders that have brought their own horses.  Friends and family are welcome to attend.

Please contact Jasmin Becker to register for the clinic.  The fee for auditors is $35.00.  Auditing and riding will be $55.00.  There will be an extra fee to board your horse. We look forward to seeing you at the clinic!

Jasmin Becker

303-809-6997 or info@maneimports.com

USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist

German small and high Bronze Medalist

German Instructor License (Teaching earned with distinction)

German Lunging License

Dressage Foundation Grantee 2011

AHT Foundation Grantee 2011


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