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New Video of De Libris and my Training with Nick

Hi Everyone,

Below you will find video of my horse De Libris (DL) and my training with Nick.  This video is not edited and is not meant to be edited. It is solely meant to be a training video.  De Libris is a horse that is blocked on the left side and does not want to go through evenly to the right bit.  We are working on supplying him on both sides and accepting the bit with even contact.  Unless we have even contact he can not come honestly through over his back to the bit.  Therefore, all the movements will not be truly coming from behind to the bit.  We are also working on collection.  He is a horse that does not believe he can sit down and elevate in front.  We are working on collecting him and pushing him each day.  He has a super work ethic but he was truly tired during this video.

Remember this is only 2 1/2 weeks into training.  We are getting him used to the program of going forward into even contact and a bit of collection at the canter.  In another week and a half we will be pushing the collection even more, but it has to go incremental.  We will also be working on putting more cadence into the trot.   I will hopefully have more video up soon! Enjoy!



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