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New Training Video – Canter 7 weeks

Hi Everyone,

Here is new training video.  I was very afraid to post this but after sitting on it over the last couple of days this is what is needed in our sport.  We always seem to see perfection and we never accept that training is not perfect.  Out of not perfect lessons, you learn. I also think that we as dressage riders should not expect perfection all the time. I am posting real training. What Nick is working on here is getting De Libris collected in the canter  and through the neck. You can see that he wants to run through the canter and press up with his neck.  When he does both of those things he is not over his back and then he is not connected.  He must be ridden straight and within the contact.  De Libris’s weakest gait is the canter.  He wants to run or get 4-beat.  De Libris must learn that he can not run and he needs to go through the base of his neck and needs to be on the bit.

One of the other things that he used to do was open his mouth. Nick tackled that because then he is not true the contact.  Many of the times I halt he opens his mouth.  He is behind my leg,  hops up in front and doesn’t want to go in the contact.  Remember this is training.  A horse and rider can not be perfect all the time.  But the rider can stay tried and true.  If a horse has a half inch they are smarter then you.  As the rider you need to think ahead of them.  You have to predict what they will do and catch them before they can do it.  Then you need to stay true to the correction.

I am posting this video because I think by the next one you will be Amazed at the difference. It was only through this video that I figured out that I didn’t need to make 10 different things to get him straight.  I need to become quicker with my aids and I must insist that he stay through and straight.  I need to be insistent on the correctness.

Also, be sure to check the first training video at the canter. It was sometime in April. Remember, this is only meant as a training video.  It is not perfection. This is very hard work for the horse.  When I am finished with him.  He is sweaty from tail to poll. There are no dry parts anywhere on the horse.  That is a sign that he is working through his whole body correctly.  I am proud of him and am so thrilled with this training.  Until next time!  Cheers, Yaz Mane Imports


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